Glycans / Glycoconjugates

GlyCosmos Glycans

The list of validated glycans extracted from GlyTouCan, updated weekly.


Glycoanalysis by the three axes of MS and chromatography.

GlycoNAVI Glycans

GlycoNAVI-Glycans is dataset of glycans. This is the content of GlycoNAVI.

GlycoNAVI Motifs

GlycoNAVI-Motifs is dataset of glycan structure patterns. This is the content of GlycoNAVI.


GlycoBase is a relational database which contains the HPLC elution positions for over 350 2-AB labelled N-glycan structures together with predicted products of exoglycosidase digestions.


In this database, useful information about carbohydrate antigens, ie, glycoepitopes, and antibodies is organized as a compact encyclopedia.

GlyCosmos Glycoproteins

Integrated list of glycoproteins extracted from UniProt and annotated with glycosylation data from GlyGen and GlyConnect. For each entry, information such as glycosylation site, glycans, diseases, 3D structures, and pathway information are available.


GlycoProtDB is a glycoprotein database providing information of Asn (N)-glycosylated proteins and their glycosylated site(s), which were constructed by employing a bottom-up strategy using actual glycopeptide sequences identified by LC/MS-based glycoproteomic technologies.

GlycoNAVI Proteins

GlycoNAVI-Proteins is dataset of glycan and protein information. This is the content of GlycoNAVI.

International Collaboration

GlyCosmos is a member of the GlySpace Alliance together with GlyGen and Glycomics@ExPASy.


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